On-site training teaches jewelers and their employees to become proficient in jewelry making skills and refine the artistry of their work.  Isaac Kornhauser recognizes the outright and hidden costs to stores owners who might want to send their jewelers for additional training to enhance their competencies and thus the store’s reputation.  Conference fees and lodging can be costly, and the hidden costs of not having jewelers available for days or weeks at a time can also interfere with an owner's ability to grow their store’s reputation in the community. 

Now jewelry store owners wanting to grow their reputation and ability to offer exquisite, fine jewelry can accomplish this goal by providing a higher level of training to their jewelers on-site, thereby growing the store’s capabilities and being able to tap into the more sophisticated market share of the industry.  Isaac’s training fees are affordable to most jewelry stores and he believes in the power of his teaching skills and in his ability to promote a higher standard of professionalism to the industry.