On-Site Jewelry Training


  • Isaac has been using Rhino since version 1.1 and Matrix since version 2.0. Isaac Currently uses Matrix 7.5. 

3-D printing (Envision Tech, Asiga, Form 1)

  • Isaac has experience with Form 1 STP 3-D printing, Envision Tech DLT 3-D printing, and Asiga DLP 3-D printing.

CNC Milling

  • Isaac has experience using a Minitech CNC mill, Mach Three controlling software, and Art Cam and Visual mill toolpathing software.

Jewelry design/tolerances

  • Isaac’s years of experience allows him to teach about different tolerance instances and the correct way to fabricate pieces of Jewelry. 

Diamond setting

  • Isaac has been diamond setting for 44 years and was taught by his father, who was a diamond setter as well. Isaac also learned French Pave from his father. Isaac can teach fabrication setting techniques as well as cad setting techniques that look hand made.

Microscope usage

  • Isaac has knowledge of how toproperly set up a microscope and equipment to make using a microscope at the bench as comfortable as sitting in your living room. 


  • From primitive fabrication techniques like using an L-square, divider, straight edge & french curve to more advanced techniques like fabricating mechanisms, springs, and clasps, Isaac has a mastery of various fabrication techniques.

Platinum skills

  • Isaac is experienced in Platinum fabrication techniques, including melting and sweddging raw platinum , hand fabrication techniques, and casting options. 

Casting in all precious metals

  • From cuttlebone casting to centrifuge casting, Isaac has experience in various techniques and has worked in centrifuge casting with torch melt, both horizontal and vertical for platinum, as well as vacuum over pressure induction casting machine. 


  • Isaac has years of experience with virtuous enameling as well as light cure enamel and other pigment oxidations.

Hand engraving (power tools GRS/Lindsey)

  • Isaac studied engraving under Rick Simmons, David Kessner, Mike Dubber, and Ray Cover Jr. He uses Lindsey and GRS equipment, and a Lindsey sharpening system.

Tooling & Sharpening

  • Isaac has experience creating special tools for particular needs such as stone removal pliers, stone setting pliers, pin vice adaptations, and other trade secrets.