Jewelry Skills provides on-site jewelry training to teach other jewelers to become proficient in these skills and refine the artistry of their work. We recognize the outright and hidden costs to owners of jewelry stores who might want to send their jewelers for additional training to enhance their competencies and thus the store’s reputation.  Conference fees and lodging can be costly, and the hidden costs of not having jewelers available for days or weeks at a time can also interfere with owners’ ability to grow their store’s reputation in the community. Now jewelry store owners wanting to grow their reputation and ability to offer exquisite, fine jewelry can accomplish this goal by providing a higher level of training to their jewelers on-site, thereby growing the store’s capabilities and being able to tap into the more sophisticated market share of the industry. Our training fees are affordable to most jewelry stores and Isaac believes in the power of his teaching skills and in his ability to promote a higher standard of professionalism to the industry.

Our philosophy and practice of jewelry design encompasses several ongoing themes, including the following three series:  Architectural Series consisting of bold geometrics and planar shapes; Naturalistic Series consisting of sculptures and jewelry derived from nature; and Fluid Series consisting of sweeping, soft lines and shapes.  Our designs remain true to these formats and also incorporate other concepts that enhance and render his jewelry as true pieces of art. 

About Isaac Kornhauser

Isaac Kornhauser has been a jeweler, jewelry designer, and an artist for over 40 years.  He was fortunate to have had the opportunity to apprentice and train under his father, a distinguished diamond setter trained in Mexico City.  The reputation of diamond setters trained in Mexico was well known in the United States and Isaac both continued the legacy of the family business and created his own legacy as a well-known jeweler in the greater Chicago area and the suburbs of Chicago. 

isaac kornhauser fine jewelry designer and on site training specialist

Following his apprenticeship and training, Isaac attended and graduated from the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York, honing and refining his skills as a jeweler and jewelry designer.  From there he returned to Illinois and worked both as an independent jeweler designing jewelry for high-end clients and other jewelry stores, and also maintained full time positions at high end jewelry stores.  He founded I.K. Designs in Barrington, IL where he designed and exhibited high-end jewelry for approximately 13 years.  He also founded The Golden Orchid, a subsidiary of I.K. Designs.  At The Golden Orchid Isaac took to casting beautiful orchid flowers and plants in silver, gold, and platinum, and creating exquisite jewelry and pieces of art.  Out of his entries in numerous orchid exhibits and shows, he won many best of art, first, second, and third place prizes for his creations.  This culminated in the honor of being invited to exhibit a piece of his work at the Smithsonian Museum in Washington, D.C.

Isaac has continually undertaken both formal and informal training opportunities to develop his skills, keep up with industry developments and standards, and to continually evolve as a jeweler, artist, and teacher.  Isaac is fluent in the following areas, and has had years of experience implementing these skills into his fine jewelry and teaching these skills to other jewelers:  CAD/CAM, Rhino/Matrix, 3-D printing (Envision Tech, Asiga, Form 1), CNC milling, Jewelry design/Tolerances, diamond setting, microscope usage, fabrication, platinum skills, casting in all precious metals, enameling, hand engraving (power tools GRS/Lindsey), tooling and sharpening.